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    5 Peaks Trail Running Series

    The 5 Peaks Trail Running Series began in 1997 in the Vancouver area as an opportunity to promote trail running to a wider audience. Trail running is a full body workout that tests endurance and agility as runners progress through challenging, yet beautiful, terrain: typically rocky, populated with tree roots, often muddy, single track, and steep in elevation.

    By 2004, Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto each had five trail races within their vicinity, and soon five races were added to both the Edmonton and Ottawa/Montreal areas. By 2010, the 5 Peaks race series had six participating regions: coastal British Columbia, inland British Columbia, northern Alberta, central Alberta, southern Ontario, and eastern Ontario/Quebec. Future series may be added to the prairie and maritime regions.

    The 5 Peaks Trail Running Series is the only trail running series based across Canada. Approximately 11,000 racers participate each year. In 2004 a children’s course was added to the series, and this attracts about 1,000 kids per year under the age of ten.

    Courses and Divisions

    Each series, consisting of five different race trails, begins in the spring and runs until late summer or early fall. Each race has courses of varying lengths from which to choose: a sport course between four to eight kilometers, an enduro course between 10 and 17 kilometers, a half marathon course of 21 kilometers, and a children’s course between 25 meters to one kilometer. Each distance is open to trail runners of any skill or experience. Not every race offers the half marathon distance.

    Runners can register in one to five of the races in their series in either an age group — age 10 up to 70 and older — or an optional weight division. The weight division for women weighing 160 pounds or more is the Athena division, and men weighing 200 pounds or more is the Clydesdale division.

    Earning Points for the Series Championship

    The top 15 runners in each race earn points, with the first place racer earning 15 points and the 15th racer earning one. These points are tallied to determine the series champions at the end of the season, with the racer who has the highest number of points winning the series.

    Each racer’s top four races and points earned will count towards this series championship tally. Racers have to compete in at least three races of the same distance within a series. Points are not transferable between the different series, but runners can compete in more than one series. This point system does not include the half marathon distances.

    The series champions are named after each of the five races are finished. The overall top three male racers and the overall top three female racers in each of the enduro and sport courses are named first, second, and third place series champions. These racers receive prizes from the series’ sponsors. There are additional prizes for the top three runners in each age category.

    All children participating in the children’s course receive a finisher’s ribbon, as the series is really designed to encourage participation.

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